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The Social Cooperative CONTROVENTO Onlus born in 2015 in the socio-psycho-pedagogical field in Catania.


+39 095 0973326 - +39 095 2283712

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Via San Paolo n 29, Catania

Via V. Brancati n 35, Catania

Via San Paolo n 29, Catania

Via V. Brancati n 35, Catania


 The Controvento house is the venue for the Yes Weekend project, which offers young people and adults with disabilities the opportunity to learn and experience home autonomy and life outside the home.

The house is also intended for short periods, to accommodate people with disabilities in adulthood or adolescence with intellectual development disorders.

The objectives of the project are as follows: to create innovative courses:

  • of autonomous residency and for people with disabilities with the active involvement of families.

  • to favor the progressive de-institutionalization of people with disabilities hospitalized in high-intensity health facilities, in collaboration with the multidimensional assessment units of the ASL companies, also in order to contain the high hospitalization costs health care and progressively reconvert spending towards more sustainable solutions with a better quality of life;

  • signing new system figures, specialized in the design and implementation of integrated housing solutions for people with disabilities;

  • to train and enhance volunteer workers, as subjects of active citizenship, through the transfer of skills and social skills aimed at conscious solidarity in the specific area of micro-residency.

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