Via San Paolo n 29, Catania

Via V. Brancati n 35, Catania

About us 


The Social Enterprise CONTROVENTO Onlus founded in 2015 from the desire and commitment of professional members to want to spend their skills in the socio-psycho-pedagogical field and to create services that the Catania area showed a profound lack.



The Social Enterprise CONTROVENTO Onlus is committed to improving the quality of people's lives. Thanks to a team of professionals we take care of your life project by promoting cooperation, sociality and new opportunities. Main areas of the services thanks to a multidisciplinary team, are the

  • following: ABA-Appicata behaviour analysis
  • Academy of autonomy and work placement
  • Training and school
  • Psychological support and support for families

Support us

For non-profit organizations (non-profit organizations of social utility) the possibility of being recipients of donations through fundraising is particularly important as a source of financing. funds. The Italian state considers it important to support these organizations and has provided for a series of deductions and deductions in favour of non-profit organizations.

Help us in our cause, it doesn't take much


Cinque per mille

With the tax return, it is possible to allocate your 5 per mille of personal income tax to Coop. Controvento. A gesture that costs nothing and is worth a lot, in fact, thanks to the 5 mille it is possible to make a contribution which, donors have no additional cost on taxes, but it is additional help for people with cognitive disabilities

Tax code: 05250140877

To make a donation (enjoying the tax concessions established by law) you can use the current account you find below. Remember that in order to take advantage of the tax concessions it is necessary to
write in the causal ''donazione liberale''

IBAN: IT20M0306909606100000135869


Solidarity Gifts

The Controvento enterprise offers the opportunity to carry out voluntary service within the autonomy education courses for an agreed period of time. The experience is open to all those who share our aims and are sensitive to solidarity and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Celebrate your special occasions with us: your supportive gift will turn into support for oureducational autonomy project. You can choose from favors, gadgets, and much more. You will make a useful gift and support our activities.




Testament Legacy

You can contribute to your company to support a social cause while promoting your own image. Support our
activities through job placement of people with disabilities, donations, the supply of materials and equipment, the involvement of your employees and other forms of collaboration. You will have a return on the corporate image with an added value to your brand and/or product, as well as taking advantage of tax advantages. 

The testamentary bequest is a gesture of solidarity towards future generations and in particular towards those who live and will live in difficulty without the support of an onlus and non-profit association. The object of the bequest can be a sum of money but also a work of art, a jewel, a piece of furniture, an apartment or a life insurance policy. And if the recipient is a non-profit association, no inheritance taxes are paid.


Il D. Lgs. 117/2017, art. 83, prevede che ogni erogazione liberale a favore di una Onlus sia, alternativamente:
• detraibile dall’imposta lorda ai fini IRPEF per un importo pari al 35% della dell’erogazione liberale effettuata, sino ad un valore massimo di Euro 30.000;
• deducibile dal reddito dichiarato fino al 10% del reddito dichiarato stesso.
N.B. L’erogazione di denaro non può avvenire in contanti, ma tramite versamento postale, bonifico bancario o assegno


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