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The Social Cooperative CONTROVENTO Onlus born in 2015 in the socio-psycho-pedagogical field in Catania.



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Via San Paolo n 29, Catania

Via V. Brancati n 35, Catania

Via San Paolo n 29, Catania

Via V. Brancati n 35, Catania


Far from the idea of a ludic-recreational center that caters above all to serious disabilities, our services are aimed at a range of mild disabilities, a necessary status for planning autonomy courses. This choice also arises from the evident lack in the territory of ad hoc projects for children with mild disabilities, who often inserted in large groups with severe disabilities, do not have the possibility to enhance the skills already possessed or to receive the tools suitable for crossing that short distance that separates them from an independent life.


Intellectual disability


Autonomy education course aimed at pre-adolescents with autism and non-selective disabilities aged 10 to 15 years.

This is where they take their first steps alone; you can breathe a new atmosphere,  great; we begin to work on the 5 areas of autonomy considered basic.

The children will work on ROAD BEHAVIORi, Increase their ORIENTATION, use PUBLIC TRANSPORT, learn to USE MONEY, and to COMMUNICATE correctly.


Boys 'club in the

Boys' club lasts three years and is aimed at adolescents and young adults from the age of 14. It is divided into weekly group meetings, lasting three hours each, within which boys and girls can face the efforts and satisfactions related to conquest. of a progressive autonomy in the management of relationships with the outside world. 


Live Together project

The Live Together project is aimed at people with Autism and intellectual disabilities students who have completed a three-year course of education in autonomy and who have therefore acquired the skills to design and organize typical activities of a group of young friends: going to the cinema, bowling, going out for a pizza, a trip, etc. 


SIL (Service of Job Integration)

Service The SIL Service (Service of Job Integration) aimed at researching and raising awareness of companies is aimed at potential workers and families, it wants to create concrete potential so that people with Autism can find  adequate work and create the basis for a life that is as independent as possible. 



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